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Maximise focus, productivity and wellbeing in hybrid and remote work

Psychologist-designed workshops & consultancy

Be confident in your team's work-from-home set-up...

without setting a foot

in their home

Maxmise focus,

productivity & wellbeing

for you and your team

Provide a science-backed workshop that people will actually enjoy

We all want to be able to work flexibly...

but are we really well set-up to work from home?

33% say their attention span

is shorter than a year ago



75% of people say they would leave a workplace due to lack of flexibility



81% say they will look for workplaces that support mental health in future


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Work can be a significant contributor to mental health


Ergonomic working desk

The physical environment of work contributes to burnout


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Globally, $1trillion of productivity is lost due to mental ill-health



I’m Dr Amy Loughman, I’m a psychologist and scientist. I examine how our external environments affect the way we think, feel and function.

Like so many other people, I worked from home throughout the pandemic. The experience got me thinking, "what does the science say about how best to set up a home office and work from home - or anywhere?"

I founded Thoughtful Spaces to provide science-backed information, workshops, tools and consultancy that help people to optimise their physical environments - and how they use them.

Feel free to take a look at my back-catalogue of scientific publications and media appearances.

Support hybrid work, using science.

Thoughtful Spaces addresses a significant challenge of post-pandemic knowledge work: how to optimise workspaces and work practices so that people can work flexibly and with maximum focus, productivity & wellbeing.

Workplace wellbeing is more critical than ever. We need to be proactive about ensuring that the physical spaces of work - at home, in the office or elsewhere - are fostering wellbeing, not adding to stress and attentional demands.

We have translated the evidence from scientific studies to inform the best ways to work in the hybrid and remote/‘WFx’ (work from anywhere) world. Some of this knowledge informs the design of large commercial buildings, but until now has not been available to managers or individuals - without expensive architectural renovations.

Be guided by neuroscience to design and implement simple but intentional work practices to maximise ease, focus, energy, creativity and work satisfaction.

Thoughtful Spaces helps people find simple and affordable ways to improve their workspaces and work practices.

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Quotation Mark

The content was so interesting, useful and relevant.

I really enjoyed the pace and timing.

- Fiona

Quotation Mark

"My office was in such disarray before doing your workshops and I feel different in it now that is tidier…

I am very grateful to you and your workshops and I am motivated to keep at it."

- Nancy

Quotation Mark

I liked the delivery style, the science, the examples and the suggestions, which can be implemented easily and quickly."

- Pili

Classic package inclusions

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Personalised Action Plan

& Resource book


to apply

the science

Inspiration & Information Session

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of your space/s


for further support

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Bold Retro Hippie Leaves Illustration
Bold Retro Hippie Leaves Illustration


  • Understand overlooked aspects of our surroundings that help or hinder focus, productivity and stress resilience
  • Learn about how nature impacts wellbeing
  • Apply neuroscience, environmental psychology & biophilic design principles to the contemporary workplace
  • Prime the brain for flow, peak attentional & creativity
  • Guided self-assessment of workspace set-up
  • Guided design of personalised action plan
  • Tailored recommendations from more than 50 free or low-cost evidence-based strategies
  • Engaging, interactive and unique workplace wellbeing workshop
  • Post-workshop resources to reinforce and follow-up on opportunities for home-office improvement
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Packages, workshops & bespoke offerings


Wellbeing Packages

  • Custom length workshops
  • Validated wellbeing assessment
  • Handouts & resources
  • In-person or live on Zoom

For Individuals &

Small Groups

  • 1 and 2 hour workshops
  • Flexible timing
  • Handouts & resources
  • Live on Zoom


Services & Consultation

  • Talks and presentations
  • Deep dive into your spaces
  • Bespoke planning
  • Troubleshooting tricky spaces
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Bold Retro Hippie Leaves Illustration
Bold Retro Hippie Leaves Illustration


Transform your spaces into

Flexible work is here to stay,

so lets do it in the best possible way.

science | nature | design

Thoughtful Spaces recognises the Yalukit-willam, the traditional owners of the lands & waterways where we live, work and swim.

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